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Make Politics Compulsory in Secondary Education

Submitted on Saturday 10th December 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

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Make Politics Compulsory in Secondary Education

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Political participation is at an all-time-low. In the last three general elections; less than 70% of the British population (allowed to vote) have turned-out. Political Party membership is also rapidly decreasing. I feel that the reason for all of this is that people are not well-enough educated on political issues and politics has been branded by many as 'boring'.
This could be changed by introducing politics to secondary education in a strong format. It could be made similar to Philosophy + Religion, which is taught in schools, however the school have an option of whether they would like to make their students sit an exam.
Tony Blair did introduce 'Citizenship' lessons to schools, however early indications suggests that this has been ineffective.
If Politics were made compulsory it would certainly make people think more about political issues and the public could be used more by the government for things like referendums.

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