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Banking Regulation

Submitted on Monday 12th December 2011

Published on Wednesday 14th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 14th December 2012

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Banking Regulation

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Risk capital must come from investment/fund/venture capital funds, where the money is invested or speculated with, i.e. risks are taken, effectively a bank where the depositors have expressedly indicated that they wish to risk their capital!!

If >85% funding is required, then the extra capital must be provided from a source where the investment fund/venture capital fund has second call on the money, or what is left if things go wrong.

The 15% will be charged at a higher interest rate representing the higher risk that the investment/venture capital fund is taking.

If it can be shown that the valuation was incorrect to start by more than 5-10%, then the people who did the incorrect valuation should be prosecuted for fraud.

Banks must not be able to lend out more than their deposits, i.e. must not be allowed to borrow from other banks.

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