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A parent to be paid to stay home to bring up the children

Submitted on Tuesday 13th December 2011

Published on Wednesday 14th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 14th December 2012

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A parent to be paid to stay home to bring up the children

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To pay for a parent to stay at home and bring up children and give them the right guidence and training into bringing up a child sucessfully. Teaching them the skills which are needed in life e.g cooking, healthy living and taking care of the home and family. maybe we would have a better society and a better group of young people rather than mother's or father's being forced into work when the best and most rewarding job is to bring up a respectful child who can become an adult who is capable of the bascis to be sucessful in life and i think we have lost the importance of brining up a family.

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