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Stop Sensationalising the Weather Forecasts

Submitted on Wednesday 14th December 2011

Published on Thursday 15th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 15th March 2012

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Stop Sensationalising the Weather Forecasts

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Stop Sensationalising Weather Forecasts! Let us be the judge! We have windows to look out of! Severe Weather Warnings are over used, they mean nothing now, they've been over played to make weather maps more exciting. Tourism and outdoor based businesses rely on people braving the elements, when bad weather is forecast they make other plans when actually on the day, the weather is usually fine. The current weather is called Winter - Rain, Wind and Snow are inevitable. In Summer it may get very hot, In Spring it may be wet and Autumn a bit windy. Get over it, it's not 'Severe Weather' it's just WEATHER!! Life has to carry on but with these over dramatised forecasts combined with recent freak weather patterns the people of the UK are being duped into thinking the Forecast is Gospel when often it is speculative guess work. Stop the rot, make the weather presenters be more realistic and stop telling people to stay indoors.

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