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Promoting empowered positivity and good will.

Submitted on Wednesday 14th December 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

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Promoting empowered positivity and good will.

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In the UK, mainstream media incessantly exposes fear & negative news to the general public. News of terrorism, murders, rape, disease, violence, war, death, famine etc. does NOTHING healthy for the collective psyche, causes misery, crime, depression, suicides, and a national atmosphere of fear. It also seems to be the case that fear is the currency government uses, via national media, to drive national security agendas through parliament. Healthy news media that promotes ideals such as self-responsibility, friendship, kindness, love, peace, harmony, interracial acceptance, self awareness, personal empowerment, will dramatically boost our economy, vastly reduce crime, vastly reduce the burden on the NHS (through personal self-responsibility), have a massive impact on the welfare of all who live here & make the UK a happy & great place to be. Please sign this petition if you agree and want positive transformation deep within government and the media here in the UK - forever!

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