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Reopen JSA Travel to Interview Scheme

Submitted on Thursday 15th December 2011

Published on Friday 16th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Sunday 16th December 2012

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Reopen JSA Travel to Interview Scheme

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As the number of jobseekers is increasing with current government cuts and layoffs and while the Jobseekers allowance is not enough to live in line with current food prices etc.

The travel to interview scheme was a solution to aid jobseekers to go to a job interview, if there budget couldn't afford to get them to an interview.

Also by closing the Travel to Interview scheme it has the potential to put off potential candidates which would be suited to a position in another part of the country from applying, since they may not be able to afford the travel.

Therefore I suggest reopening the Travel to Interview scheme while also suggesting that the DWP petition the government to tax the rich more heavily than the poor in order to raise the funding.

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