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The Government is called upon to investigate 'institutional rascism' at the F.A.

Submitted on Wednesday 21st December 2011

Published on Monday 9th January 2012

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 9th January 2013

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The Government is called upon to investigate 'institutional rascism' at the F.A.

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Following former F.A. chief Lord Triesman's recent call for a revolution in English football to ensure there are more black managers in the game, and taking into account his considered opinion that he "believes that “a form of institutional racism” is behind the fact that only two of the 92 English league teams have black bosses.
This petition calls upon the UK government to make English football totally transparent, and non-racist, at ALL levels.
Via a government backed 'independent' investigation into the above claims, it is hoped that the reputation of English football can be re-established beginning with a recommendation that the games governing body takes all neccesary steps to ensure that the F.A. becomes a 'multi-culturally' elected board that is wholly representative of all English football loving citizens.

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