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Invest 1% of GDP in Sustainable Technologies

Submitted on Wednesday 21st December 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

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Invest 1% of GDP in Sustainable Technologies

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60% of the world ecosystem services have been degraded or over-used since the mid 20th century and during the same period the global economy has grown more than 5x in size. If this continues at the same rate the economy will be 80x bigger in 2100 than in 1950. Yet this continued growth is totally at odds with our scientific knowledge of a finite resource base and fragile ecology on which we depend for survival.

The Stern review, lead by leading economist Nicholas Stern prosed a small early hit of investment in green technologies (perhaps as low as 1% of GDP) would allow us to avoid a much bigger hit (perhaps as high as 20% of GDP) later on.

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