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Recognise "Weekend Parent's" as Shared Parenting and a degree of the benifits Shared.

Submitted on Wednesday 21st December 2011

Published on Thursday 22nd December 2011

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Closed: Saturday 22nd December 2012

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Recognise "Weekend Parent's" as Shared Parenting and a degree of the benifits Shared.

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I wish the govenment to take action and ammend "out of date" laws on shared parenting. Parents who care for their children every weekend, do not receive any recognition from the goverment for been a carer of a child. Too often that parent is forced to work long hour's in order to keep a place of residence for the children, whilst the "resident parent" receives a life of luxary on state benifits which are often of higher nature than the working parents wage's, even before the working parent has to give a percentage of wages to CSA. Weekend Parents, should receive a 2/7 reduction on all the benifits the non-worker receives, as the non working parent should lose 2/7 to compensate. This would give the non-working parent more appeal to find employment, present better morals for the children and help the British economy. Better welfare for both the children and the weekend parent would be acomplished.

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