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Cheaper domestic fuel.

Submitted on Friday 23rd December 2011

Published on Friday 30th December 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Sunday 30th December 2012

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Cheaper domestic fuel.

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for the British people. Many people are struggling to pay for their domestic fuel bills as many of the companies put up charges even though they make a massive profit.
The government could help the British people by making the domestic fuel market more competitive by starting up energy companies, and they could be called "gov.fuel" or something similar. It should charge a much lesser price per unit than any of the other companies, so long as it makes a small profit and covers all expenses. This is the only way I believe that other domestic fuel companies will endevour to lower their prices, another bonus to having gov.fuel is that it would be UK based and any profit made from these new companies would be in Britain.

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