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Require Ts & Cs to use standardised terms for clarity.

Submitted on Tuesday 4th June 2019

Published on Wednesday 19th June 2019

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 6th November 2019

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Require Ts & Cs to use standardised terms for clarity.

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Nobody reads Ts & Cs. The rise of internet/mobile services has hugely increased how often we encounter Ts & Cs. We need regulation to closely define the language used and compel companies to use standardised clauses, phrases. This will allow readers to understand to what it is they're agreeing.

Additional Information

Given the sizes of these documents, the 'reader' may inadvertently agree to terms not directly related to their immediate and expected business with the provider. In their current form Ts & Cs do not support the common good. E.g. commonly used clauses like "how we will shared your data" should be clearly defined as a predicate to a defined clause describing data usage. All terms must be defined in law. The Government must develop minimum standards for Ts & Cs, require companies to follow them.

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