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To stop innocent trainspotters getting treated like terrorists

Submitted on Tuesday 27th December 2011

Published on Tuesday 3rd January 2012

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 3rd January 2013

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To stop innocent trainspotters getting treated like terrorists

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Time and time again i hear of people getting stopped at stations and questioned about there activitys and basically being accused of being a terrorists. I my self has also been stopped on a few occasions and told to stop filming trains.

I want the government to sort this issue out. They need to stop the police abusing anti terror laws. Trainspotters have been around almost as long as the railways them selves. And the way we are treated is terrible. Trainspotting might be geeky, but its a harmless hobby.

The Government misses a big point here. If something were to happen on the railway the people who could have any evidence are the people that are being victimised.

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