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Water filter jugs and possible health risks

Submitted on Tuesday 27th December 2011

Published on Monday 9th January 2012

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Closed: Wednesday 9th January 2013

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Water filter jugs and possible health risks

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According to research from two Italian universities, water filter jugs are useless if not dangerous. The main problems are: calcium and magnesium are substitute with sodium and potassium, water pH is decreased to a possibly harmful level, the filtered water has traces of ammonium and silver (above law thresholds), water filter must be used only if the water hardness is higher than 19 French degrees (check your water supplier site for this info).
I ask the Department of Health to conduct a preliminary analysis (20-50 samples from various part of the country) comparing tap water and filtered water of the most popular water filter jugs. If the results are in line with the findings from the Italian Universities we will increase the sample size, if not at least we will know the truth about our health.

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