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Cut waste within the BBC

Submitted on Thursday 29th December 2011

Published on Monday 9th January 2012

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Closed: Wednesday 9th January 2013

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Cut waste within the BBC

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Force the BBC to stop wasting the money of the public. Here is the plan which would make the BBC more effiecient:
- Scrap BBC Four, not as important as the other points, but it needs to be done.
- Get rid of the BBC radio shows that nobody listens to (effectively only keeping Radio 1, 2, 3 and 4)
- A 20% pay cut for all those who £200,000 and over within the BBC, and if they do not agree with these new contracts do not negotiate, but instead let them leave.
- Give the public a say in how the BBC is run.
- Cut down on antique and cooking programmes by at least 25% per week.
- Scrap the CBBC channel during the week, as children should be in school, and then it could be shown on weekends and midweek nights.
- Scrap S4C.
- Scrap most of the BBC Worldwide channels.
- Get a more knowledgeable base and cut out the bias of pundits on sports programmes.

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