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Create more hereditary titles as a greater honour than a knighthood.

Submitted on Monday 16th September 2019

Published on Tuesday 24th September 2019

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Closed: Wednesday 6th November 2019

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Create more hereditary titles as a greater honour than a knighthood.

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Hereditary titles are an important part of our culture which we are at risk of losing. It would be valuable to create new hereditary titles (eg. Earls) in the same way we have Knighthoods as an honour given to people who have done outstanding work in the arts, charities, health & social care, etc.

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Originally, dukes were only ever the children or relatives of the monarch. Thus the sons of the monarch were Duke of Cornwall, Duke of York, etc. As time went on & the country evolved the titles stopped being tethered to duchies but were still awarded as marks of prestige to others who had served the country. It's gone back to just the royals! Ministers should advise the Monarch to create new hereditary honours to reward the work of ordinary people.

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