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Break the Brexit deadlock through a two-question referendum.

Submitted on Monday 23rd September 2019

Published on Monday 30th September 2019

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 6th November 2019

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Break the Brexit deadlock through a two-question referendum.

Petition Details

Q1. Should the UK remain a member of the European Union or leave the EU?

Q2. If you have answered 'Leave' to Question 1, should the UK leave the EU with a deal or with no-deal?

The 'deal' would need to be defined. If a majority vote for 'leave' in Q1, Q2 defines the way the UK leaves the EU.

Additional Information

My proposed two-question solution would provide:
- clarity on what 'leave' means to the public
- the ability to vote on leaving or remaining in the EU now knowing this information
- the ability to define the method for leaving should it still be the nations preferred option upon knowing this information

The following questions do not represent the Leave and Remain sides of the debate properly:
- remain vs. a proposed deal
- remain vs. a proposed deal vs. no-deal
- a proposed deal vs. no deal

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