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Equality For UNEMPLOYED Disabled

Submitted on Thursday 4th August 2011

Rejected on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Current status: Rejected

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Equality For UNEMPLOYED Disabled

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Disabled Unemployed people are forced to undertake demening and often embarassing medicals carried out by ATOS Workers more often than not Nurses or Midwifes and seldom Doctors. These healthcare "Professionals" have the power to over-rule Highly Qualified Specialists in medical fields.
One example would be a Epileptic with 30+ years with this debilidating condition was Miraculously CURED by a Atos Doctor with NO Neurological Expieriance or Qualifications. Or a Crippled man demed to be fit for work by a MIDWIFE with no expertese in Spinal Injuries. Both the above cases were apealed and the claiment won hands Down THEY are Commonplace complaints
if all claiments had to remove clothing or state if they were ever.inconinent then it would be fair is that question given to all applicants for benifits NO it is NOT
All we ask for is to be treated with the same respect

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