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3 Days Off A Year To Let The World Rest

Submitted by Georgia Green on Wednesday 18th March 2020

Published on Wednesday 8th April 2020

Current status: Closed

Closed: Thursday 8th October 2020

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3 Days Off A Year To Let The World Rest

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I would like the Government to enforce a 3 day Co2 holiday in which all non essential travel (air, road and sea) is curtailed and any travel that does take place will attract an additional environmental levy that goes towards environmental initiatives. All emergency services will be exempt.

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COVID-19 has been a tragedy but it has shown us the amazing things that can happen when you give the world a break! China has lower pollution rates and lakes are clear in Venice.

People and the world need a break sometimes. 3 days off a year, planned and prepped, working from home where possible and closing what we can will allow our earth and our brains to breathe and take a moment to recharge ourselves.

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