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Increase support for children’s mental health during and after COVID-19

Submitted by Nadim Saad on Monday 27th April 2020

Published on Wednesday 8th July 2020

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 8th January 2021

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Increase support for children’s mental health during and after COVID-19

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The Government needs to launch a national campaign to acknowledge and address the impact of CV-19 on children. It should produce better online resources providing key guidance and support and also increase awareness & funding for the expert charities already equipped to advise and support children.

Additional Information

The heightened anxiety levels, insecurity and sense of powerlessness brought on by CV-19 pose a tangible threat to the mental health of many children.

The pandemic is worsening the condition of many with pre-existing mental health needs (YoungMinds research) and could unfortunately lead to mental health issues for many hitherto unaffected.

They are in their emotionally formative years and may be most negatively affected by the necessary adaptations they are now having to make.

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