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Extend all tier 2 visas (skilled workers) by 18 months

Submitted by Angus Gulliver on Wednesday 29th April 2020

Published on Friday 10th July 2020

Current status: Closed

Closed: Sunday 10th January 2021

Signatures: 54

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Extend all tier 2 visas (skilled workers) by 18 months

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Tier 2 visas are for highly skilled workers to live and work in the UK. People with such visas face various restrictions in the kind of work they can seek. Many are losing jobs in the current crisis and currently must leave the country in 60 days. I propose that all tier 2 visas are extended.

Additional Information

Consider extending all tier 2 visas for anyone who's job is in jeopardy for any reason during the coronavirus crisis. Ease the worries of valuable, skilled workers who might lose their jobs and be faced with an inadequate time frame to find new work. As recommended by "Tech Nation", extend all such visas by 18 months to give sufficient time for these people to find new employment. This will cost nothing and not increase the number of foreign nationals working in the UK.

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