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Bring back our manufacturing, and put Britain first

Submitted by Pamela Oakley on Wednesday 29th April 2020

Published on Friday 10th July 2020

Current status: Closed

Closed: Sunday 10th January 2021

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Bring back our manufacturing, and put Britain first

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The coronorvirus has made me realise that we need to support our British Manufacturing and Agriculture. I want our government to do this by launching a ‘buy British’ public awareness campaign.

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Over the years we have lost our manufacturing base. We have awarded contracts to the cheapest supplier or a company within the EU when we have the capabilities here. Buying cheaply is not always best, nor does it always offer value for money in the long term. By encouraging back a manufacturing base, we will not only help employment, but also give Our once great country back it’s pride, and make us once again Great. The time has come to put Britain First.

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