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Make the neutering/spaying of pet cats a legal requirement.

Submitted by Katy Walker on Tuesday 30th June 2020

Published on Tuesday 15th September 2020

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Open until: Monday 15th March 2021

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Make the neutering/spaying of pet cats a legal requirement.

Petition Details

Make it a legal requirement for owners to neuter/spay their cat, and for kittens to be neutered no later than 4 months of age. Registered cat breeders are to be exempt from this law. This will help reduce the stray population, lessen the strain on rescue charities, and save thousands of cat’s lives.

Additional Information

There are more than 9 million stray, and 1.5 million feral cats in the uk (Cats Protection, 2018). Neutered tom cats are reported to live 62% longer than intact males, and spayed female’s 39% longer than intact females. The average lifespan of a stray cat is just 2 years. Intact female kittens can be impregnated at only 4 months of age. Intact toms spread disease and fight, so often end up with infected wounds. The British Veterinary Association strongly support the routine neutering of cats.

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