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Create a single national Defra microchip database

Submitted by Will Bennett on Wednesday 8th July 2020

Published on Friday 16th October 2020

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 16th April 2021

Signatures: 169

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Create a single national Defra microchip database

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Currently, there are 12 separate, DEFRA approved microchip databases in which owners can register their pet's microchip to, we urgently need the government to bring together these databases into a single one that holds the microchip details of all pets.

Additional Information

This would make it much easier for vets, rescue centres & dog wardens to gain the relevant information and would cause less confusion for pet owners. In addition to this, it really could mean the difference between a pet being reunited or rehomed and could save the relevant organisations valuable time in reuniting pets with their owners.

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