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Parole Board to be accountable + liable to imprisonment

Submitted on Thursday 4th August 2011

Published on Wednesday 10th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 10th August 2012

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Parole Board to be accountable + liable to imprisonment

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Criminals who commit murder, rape, child abuse etc can and do at some time appear before a Parole Board of so called experts in the fields of Human and Sociable behaviour who have the power to release these criminals back into society when they feel it safe to do so. In far too many instances this has been proven that their judgement was totally wrong, with these people committing the same or worse crimes again and again. When this happens, I would like to see the people on the Parole Board held accountable for their actions and given a custodial sentence themselves as they have just released a potentially deadly weapon onto our streets. How many so called experts would then be so quick to say these people can now be safely released back into our society.

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