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All new drivers must have a black box and be limited to carrying one passenger.

Submitted by Joseph Hinchcliffe on Monday 27th July 2020

Published on Thursday 6th August 2020

Current status: Open

Open until: Saturday 6th February 2021

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All new drivers must have a black box and be limited to carrying one passenger.

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For the first year, young drivers must have a black box fitted before they can drive. Furthermore, they should only be able to carry one passenger, who must be an experienced driver. These changes should significantly decrease the amount of young road crash fatalities by encouraging safer driving.

Additional Information

Last year, I lost my best friend Olivia Alkir in a road crash. Unfortunately, she was not the first or the last to face an early grave due to reckless and dangerous driving, which is far too common among young drivers. In 2018, 777 car occupants were killed in road collisions, 308 of whom (40%) died in collisions involving a driver aged 17-24. I believe the changes I have proposed could prevent these disasters from happening to anyone else.

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