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Reduce Public Transport Fares

Submitted on Saturday 30th July 2011

Published on Thursday 4th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Saturday 4th August 2012

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Reduce Public Transport Fares

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I would like to see the government take more action to reduce the high costs of fares for using public transport particularly on trains that ordinary hard working people have to pay. UK rail fares are already the highest in Europe and as a consequence British families have lower standards of living and British businesses are less competitive compared to their European counterparts. High fares also reduce the incentive for people to use public transport which is more environmentally friendly than the alternative of using cars but many will be forced to switch because of the increasing cost. The government should intervene by subsidising more on rail, reducing rail running costs and capping price increases so that train fares are more in line with countries in Europe such as France and Germany.

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