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Prevent baby loss as a result of an Incompetent Cervix by routine monitoring.

Submitted by Nichola Westgate on Thursday 13th August 2020

Published on Thursday 20th August 2020

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Open until: Saturday 20th February 2021

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Prevent baby loss as a result of an Incompetent Cervix by routine monitoring.

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Ensure that women in a high-risk category are offered a pre-pregnancy trans-vaginal scan to measure cervical length and cervical length checks should be performed routinely throughout pregnancy. Where cervical length falls below 2.5cm a treatment plan should be offered. This will save babies lives

Additional Information

Around 25% of all mid-trimester losses are caused by an Incompetent Cervix. Current guidance does not allow for routine monitoring meaning that many women lose their children as a result of IC as it is often too late to offer treatment. The most successful form of treatment is a trans-abdominal cerclage but this should be done pre-pregnancy as the surgery itself can cause miscarriage. Current guidance does not allow for this to be picked up on pre-pregnancy for many women.

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