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Work with other nations to pressure China over their treatment of Uighur Muslims

Submitted by Imtiaz Khan on Wednesday 19th August 2020

Published on Monday 14th September 2020

Current status: Open

Open until: Sunday 14th March 2021

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Work with other nations to pressure China over their treatment of Uighur Muslims

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Put pressure on world leaders including the United Nations and UNICEF to investigate the mass incarceration of Uighur Muslims and urge sanctions on China.

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Under human and amnesty rights laws their rights to be Muslims and practice freely are being violated. I want this highlighted immediately so Uighurs can return home.

UK government stands against all forms of oppression. It fights for the freedom and rights of every citizen. It allows Muslims to practice freely. Islam stands for peace and UK recognises the strong bond UK Muslims have with diverse communities here. We are grateful for this. UK stood up for the black lives matter campaign with great success, now I believe UK government can truly put an end to the blatant indoctrination of Uyghur Muslims because in the past they have united against oppression.

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