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Harsher sentencing for assaults' on police, emergency workers & prison officers.

Submitted by Brian Lentz on Thursday 20th August 2020

Published on Thursday 1st October 2020

Current status: Open

Open until: Thursday 1st April 2021

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Harsher sentencing for assaults' on police, emergency workers & prison officers.

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5 yrs min. for assault on any emergency worker, 10 yrs on police. Assault, of any form, which results in life changing injuries to police officers should carry a min. of 20 yrs. Police killed a life sentence & discussion should include if a return of the death penalty is appropriate.

Additional Information

The sentences handed out by the courts upon conviction are woefully out of touch with what many British people feel should be the outcome, whether because the judge was too lenient or unable to provide a harsher sentence due to ineffective government laws.

Police officers are a special case, because they are the only emergency services whose job it is to confront those doing wrong to keep the public safe. Statistics on the number of police officers assaulted https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/817742/hosb1119-assaults.pdf


Assaults by force:-

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