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Allow motorcycle CBT holders to use a 300cc engine.

Submitted by Jack Heath on Sunday 4th October 2020

Published on Monday 12th October 2020

Current status: Closed

Closed: Monday 12th April 2021

Signatures: 37

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Allow motorcycle CBT holders to use a 300cc engine.

Petition Details

At the moment, motorcycle riders who only have a CBT can ride up to 125cc engine power. This petition is to give CBT holders the choice to get up 300cc engines as well as the 125cc engine.

Additional Information

The 125cc engine doesn't give a proper feel of a motorcycle but more of a scooter. Letting the use of 300cc engines on the CBT Certificate would allow new riders to feel what a motorcycle really is like due to it's torque, weight, size, etc.

Some 125cc engines struggle to gain speed after 40mph, which can lead to traffic build up behind the bike on a 60mph road.

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