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Voluntary early retirement at 60 with reduced state pension

Submitted by Lesley Edwards on Tuesday 6th October 2020

Published on Monday 12th October 2020

Current status: Closed

Closed: Monday 12th April 2021

Signatures: 35

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Voluntary early retirement at 60 with reduced state pension

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Allow people who would like to retire early at 60 to access a reduced state pension, increasing to the full amount when they reach 67 or 68. This would release jobs for younger people and provide a huge amount of potential childcare from grandparents now able to look after grandchildren.

Additional Information

The plan would release jobs for younger people, and money currently spent on unemployment benefits for non-working younger people could be paid as a reduced state pension at 60. People wishing to retire at 60 would be more available to help with child care of grandchildren which we already know is a huge and money-saving help to working parents, thereby benefitting the younger workforce and the economy. Potential for huge benefits to family life, mental and physical health, and quality of life.

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