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Let students end their accomodation contracts due to COVID-19 reasons (ENGLAND)

Submitted on Wednesday 7th October 2020

Rejected on Wednesday 14th October 2020

Current status: Rejected

Rejection code: duplicate (see below for details)

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Let students end their accomodation contracts due to COVID-19 reasons (ENGLAND)

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In Scotland The Coronavirus Act 2020 has been put in place since the 27th May, it allows students affected by COVID-19 to leave their tenancy agreements for any related reasons, e.g financial hardship. We want the same legislation in England, we were never given that opportunity and are trapped.

Additional Information

Many students all over England are suffering from the same problems students in Scotland are facing, yet we aren't given the same helping hand. Universities, landlords and Government advice may have painted a different reality to what students are currently experiences, cases are rampant and student accomodation are hot spots. To those that are vulnerable, there is no safety continuing to reside there especially as Universities all provide a remote learning option. It's unfair and causing grief.

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This petition was rejected

The Government e-Petitions Team gave the following reason:

There's already a petition about this issue. We cannot accept a new petition when we already have one about a very similar issue.

You are more likely to get action on this issue if you sign and share a single petition.

You may wish to sign this petition calling for the same action: petition.parliament.uk/petitions/553285

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