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Reform IPSA - cap MP payrises in line with other Public sector pay

Submitted by Steven Barry on Wednesday 14th October 2020

Published on Wednesday 21st October 2020

Current status: Open

Open until: Wednesday 21st April 2021

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Reform IPSA - cap MP payrises in line with other Public sector pay

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Over the last decade MPs pay has risen by over £16k, significantly above pay awards for other public sector employees such as nurses, teachers and police. This is unfair and in the wider economic and political context unjustified, and the way MPs pay increases are decided needs reform.

Additional Information

IPSA may be an independent body but it is clear that reform is needed so that MPs pay awards reflect the wider economic and political climate.

The payrises they have awarded MPs over the last decade are out of touch with the reality of stagnating below inflation pay across the public and private sectors of the UK economy.
The Government should reform legislation govering IPSA so that future pay awards for MPs cannot exceed average pay rises for other public sector employees.

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Government Response

The Government responded to this petition on Monday 14th December 2020

The Government does not decide what resources are available to MPs. The system of business costs and expenses, as well as MPs’ pay and pensions, is governed by independent external regulation.

IPSA has announced that salaries for Members of Parliament will remain unchanged for the financial year 2021-22. Details of this decision can be found here: https://www.theipsa.org.uk/publications/consultations/review-of-mps-pay-and-pensions

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) is responsible for setting and regulating MPs’ salaries, pensions, business costs and expenses. It has a statutory duty to review MPs’ pay in the first year of each Parliament. IPSA is independent of Parliament and the Government. This provides assurance to the public that decisions relating to MPs’ pay are made independently, and that MPs’ use of taxpayers’ money is well regulated. It also ensures MPs are adequately resourced to carry out their democratic duties on behalf of their constituents.

The Chancellor has set out a pay restraint policy for the public sector with a very limited number of exceptions and on 23 November the Prime Minister indicated that, given the circumstances, he did not believe MPs should receive a pay rise.

Office of the Leader of the House of Commons

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