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Set maximum passenger numbers on public transport during Covid-19

Submitted by Miss Ifeoluwatola Taiwo on Wednesday 4th November 2020

Published on Friday 4th December 2020

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 4th June 2021

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Set maximum passenger numbers on public transport during Covid-19

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It seems there have simply been suggestions on how full public transport can get. After complaining locally, I was told there are no rules on number. I feel this isn't safe as there is no way, at the moment, a member of the public can tell, before boarding, the number of people on public transport.

Additional Information

I have ended up on full buses during the daytime (so no nighttime risks of leaving those waiting), after trying to avoid peak times. During this difficult time and lockdown, I understand the potential issues, but I feel a limit would set a standard to bus/train drivers. Some shops have introduced number limits that the public can see on approach to the entrance of the shop. With each action, we should weigh up if it will solve more than it will harm. I believe this will solve more than harm.

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