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Introduce closed season in grey squirrel cull, so that babies aren't left to die

Submitted by Natalia Doran on Saturday 28th November 2020

Published on Monday 7th December 2020

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Open until: Monday 7th June 2021

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Introduce closed season in grey squirrel cull, so that babies aren't left to die

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As an introduced species (brought from America 150 years ago), grey squirrels can be, and are, killed all the year round. It means that nursing mothers can be killed in the baby season, February to September, which is particularly cruel, because their babies are left to die.

Additional Information

Whatever one's opinion of the ecological impact of grey squirrels might be (please see https://www.urbansquirrels.co.uk/for-those-who-do-not-like-grey-squirrels/ for more information, and, https://www.urbansquirrels.co.uk/campaigning-references/ for academic references), it is generally accepted that culling should be conducted in a humane way. When nursing mothers are killed, their babies are left to slowly die, which is far from humane. A closed season would prevent a lot of unnecessary suffering.

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