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Teach Health and Social Care as a compulsory KS3 subject

Submitted by James Andrew Renny on Thursday 3rd December 2020

Published on Friday 18th December 2020

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 18th June 2021

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Teach Health and Social Care as a compulsory KS3 subject

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Currently, Health and Social Care (H&SC) as a subject in schools is only taught at GCSE (Key Stage 4) and A-levels (Key Stage 5). I believe that this needs to change to be taught for Years 7 and 8 (Key Stage 3).

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H&SC is a subject that can bring about a large variety of job opportunities. Learning H&SC can help people become doctors, nurses, social workers, care workers, children's practitioners and much more. At this moment in time, the NHS is in crisis. We are in desperate need of new recruits to support people. I believe that making H&SC a KS3 subject and teaching it to Years 7 and 8 will inspire more people to work for the NHS as well as exploring a range of other job opportunities.

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