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Do not require deed polls to be enrolled to serve as a proof of name change

Submitted by Taylor Phillips on Thursday 28th January 2021

Published on Friday 19th February 2021

Current status: Open

Open until: Thursday 19th August 2021

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Do not require deed polls to be enrolled to serve as a proof of name change

Petition Details

Currently the government is considering changes to how deed polls are processed. In its response to a previous petition it says it intends to amend guidance so that only enrolled deed polls are accepted as a proof of name change.

Additional Information

Currently publicly enrolling deed polls is optional. Requiring them to be enrolled in this way will be harmful to abuse survivors and transgender people, amongst others. Doing this would make it a lot easier for abuse victims to be found by their abusers again – many change their name to get away from them. It could also potentially be used for hate crime purposes against trans people as you must declare your address on a deed poll. This is a dangerous precedent.

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