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Create a new independent statutory regulator for all UK News Media

Submitted by Adam Poole on Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Published on Friday 19th February 2021

Current status: Open

Open until: Thursday 19th August 2021

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Create a new independent statutory regulator for all UK News Media

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News Media holds a unique place in our society holding government & powerful organisations to account & can exert a powerful influence on public opinion.

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News reporting should be fair factual & accurate particularly during election & referendum campaigns where the Media could influence the outcome.

We believe the current regulatory system fails to ensure fairness & accuracy, that many News organisations are little more than mouthpieces for political parties or private interests, and that enforcement of rules is weak & ineffective.

An independent system of statutory regulation is needed with the ability to ensure fairness and accuracy in news reporting & the ability to enforce rules & impose meaningful sanctions.

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