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Stop Basic Rate Tax Payers paying the High Income Benefit Charge

Submitted by Sarah Whitmore on Thursday 4th February 2021

Published on Thursday 11th February 2021

Current status: Closed

Closed: Wednesday 11th August 2021

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Stop Basic Rate Tax Payers paying the High Income Benefit Charge

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April 2021 will see the first time the High Income Benefit Charge effects the basic rate tax payer.
With the charge coming in at £50,000 but the higher rate tax band increasing to £50270
At a minimum the high income benefit charge should only be applicable to those who are taxed at a higher rate.

Additional Information

We need a review whereby at a minimum only Higher Rate tax paying families are the ones effected by this high income benefit charge. Basic tax payers should not be charged this.
It was not the original concept and idea of this charge to impact basic rate tax paying families.
The High income benefit charge had remained stagnate and not increased with inflation since 2013.

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