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Approve the Whitehaven Coal Mine in Cumbria

Submitted by David O'Toole on Saturday 13th February 2021

Published on Monday 29th March 2021

Current status: Open

Open until: Wednesday 29th September 2021

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Approve the Whitehaven Coal Mine in Cumbria

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World coal production is 8 billion tonnes. China alone produces 3.5 billion tonnes. The new colliery will produce around 4m tonnes of coal for steel making and should replace imported coal. It would close in 2049 and will provide the steel needed by the UK to comply with UK environmental targets.

Additional Information

The Whitehaven mine will be built on a brown field site in an existing coal mining area. Approval for the mine was won after after agreement to comply with many environmental stipulations. The coal would not be burned but used in steel-making. It should provide over 2,000 local jobs and support UK exports and the economy. This steel will be needed to support environmental projects such as wind turbines and public transport networks such as rail links. This is a green project.

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