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Agree to hold a public inquiry to examine the true, full, effects of Lockdowns.

Submitted by Edward James Little on Monday 15th February 2021

Published on Tuesday 23rd February 2021

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Open until: Monday 23rd August 2021

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Agree to hold a public inquiry to examine the true, full, effects of Lockdowns.

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The UK Government should commit to holding a public inquiry into the use of Lockdowns as a public health strategy during a crisis to ensure that we only resort to this major intervention again if proven, irrefutably and objectively, to work as intended and to clearly outweigh any harms caused.

Additional Information

In 2020 the UK locked down in the wake of SARS-CoV-2. There is evidence which suggests that this historically unprecedented and long-lasting measure may have profound economic, health, educational, psychological and democratic impacts for decades. Simultaneously data exists which questions its true efficacy in reducing the spread of infection and ensuing illnesses and deaths. A public inquiry would help establish the truth of the matter.

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