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Offer 15hrs free childcare for multiples under 3 years

Submitted by Laura Turner on Wednesday 17th March 2021

Published on Wednesday 24th March 2021

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 24th September 2021

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Offer 15hrs free childcare for multiples under 3 years

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There is currently no free childcare scheme for parents who are not claiming benefits to help them with childcare before their children are 3 years old. This is a particular issues for parents who have multiples (twins, triplets etc).

Additional Information

Having to pay double (or more) for childcare is prohibitively expensive in the early years before age 3 when the Government childcare funding kicks in. Having multiples is a blessing but it comes with a lot of financial strain. The detrimental impact of financial strain from not being able to work or earn enough to fund childcare can have a direct impact. If you are unable to return to work as your pay doesn't cover care, can you afford bills, food etc?

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Government Response

The Government responded to this petition on Thursday 29th April 2021

Government continues to support families with their childcare costs. There are already forms of support to help with the costs of childcare for under 3s.

The government continues to support families with their childcare costs.

The government funds 15 hours of free, high-quality early education to all three- and four-year-olds, helping them develop social skills and preparing them for school.

In September 2017, the government introduced 30 hours free childcare for working parents of three- and four-year-olds, supporting working families with the cost of childcare.

Support is available for working parents of children from 0-11 years old (or up to 16 if disabled) on middle and higher incomes through Tax-Free Childcare. This scheme means that for every £8 parents pay their provider via an online account, the government will pay £2 – up to a maximum contribution of £2,000 per child each year (up to £500 every 3 months), or £4,000 if disabled.

Tax-Free childcare is limited to where parents earn under £100,000 per year. The £100,000 per parent cap on Tax-Free Childcare ensures that support is targeted at the working families who require the most support in order to return to work or work more.

Working parents on a low income may also be eligible for help with up to 85% of their childcare costs through Universal Credit Childcare. This is subject to a monthly limit of £646 for one child or £1108 for two or more children, payable in arrears.

Evidence suggests that the disadvantage gap starts early and factors that emerge before the age of 5 can explain a substantial amount of variance (40%) in the disadvantage gap in attainment at age 16. The government therefore also provides funding for 15 hours a week of high quality early education for 2 year olds from disadvantaged backgrounds with the objective of improving their life outcomes.

The eligibility criteria for access to the 2 year old entitlement are available here, and includes children with an Education, Health and Care Plan, looked after or previously looked after children in addition to those in lower income households:

Evidence does not suggest that children of multiple births suffer poorer educational outcomes in their early years. For this reason, the government does not currently plan to extend eligibility to families with children of multiple birth.

Government does not intend to review eligibility criteria at this time. Parents may find it useful to visit Childcare Choices to find out more information about the government’s full childcare offer and to help them understand what support they may be eligible for at: https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk.

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