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Stop Puppy Farming & the Sale of Puppies by Third Parties

Submitted on Saturday 30th July 2011

Published on Wednesday 10th August 2011

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 10th February 2012

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Stop Puppy Farming & the Sale of Puppies by Third Parties

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Puppies sold in pet shops are almost always the product of puppy farms. In addition, there is a growing trade in puppy farmed dogs by dealers via the internet and newspaper advertising. The conditions in which these puppies are bred are appalling. Many of the breeding places are in Ireland or operating without a licence in the UK. Local authorities are often ineffective at monitoring and enforcing even basic welfare standards. Pet shops and traders are free to buy stock from anyone they wish, regardless of whether the supplier is operating illegally.
Current legislation is too weak and does not reflect current best practice or cover 21st century retail methods. The legislation needs strengthening to stop the trade in puppy farmed animals.
Dogs are not a retail commodity. Every major animal welfare organisation believes puppies should only be bought from responsible breeders. The sale of puppies by third parties should be banned to bring an end to the trade in puppy-farmed animals.

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