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Make tool theft a specific criminal offence with tougher penalties

Submitted by Stuart Clarke on Sunday 16th May 2021

Published on Wednesday 26th May 2021

Current status: Closed

Closed: Friday 26th November 2021

Signatures: 4,478

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Make tool theft a specific criminal offence with tougher penalties

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Tradesmen are supposedly the backbone of Britain yet we are constantly watching over our shoulder trying to protect our livelihoods because thieves are not deterred from committing this crime. It’s time the Government stepped up and made this a specific offence, with tougher penalties.

Additional Information

With tool and van theft as high as it is at present and police forces stretched it's only logical to make the penalty for this crime to the point where it isn't worth considering doing anymore.

The Government should be stepping up to protect its own tradesmen and their livelihoods. With a few minutes, a mindless self-centred individual can ruin many families and put individuals under severe mental and financial pressure to provide for their family. More needs to be done.

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