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Stop search engines placing 3rd party adverts above legitimate gov.uk websites

Submitted on Tuesday 25th May 2021

Rejected on Thursday 10th June 2021

Current status: Rejected

Rejection code: irrelevant (see below for details)

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Stop search engines placing 3rd party adverts above legitimate gov.uk websites

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Daily In the U.K. thousands of unsuspecting citizens are duped into paying excessive fees for government services, ones that are often free. Companies like google place 3rd party ads above legitimate websites, maximising dishonest trading

Additional Information

There is no self-regulation in this area and current laws permit 3rd party ‘services’ to blur the boundaries of legality. When citizens have a lawful duty to engage with government departments, like: dvla, Hmrc , passport office etc they should not have to negotiate a host of 3rd party sites, designed to dupe them.

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This petition was rejected

The Government e-Petitions Team gave the following reason:

Petitions must call for a specific action that the UK Government or House of Commons is responsible for.

Decisions about how search results are ordered are a matter for the operators of indiviudal search engines, not the Government or House of Commons.

As a result it is not possible for the Government or House of Commons to take the action you have requested.

We could accept a petition calling for a ban on advertising for paid services to access to free Government services, if that's something you would like to happen.

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