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Fake Claim Campaign: End The Harassment Of People With Invisible Disabilities.

Submitted on Sunday 6th June 2021

Rejected on Friday 11th June 2021

Current status: Rejected

Rejection code: irrelevant (see below for details)

Petition Action

Fake Claim Campaign: End The Harassment Of People With Invisible Disabilities.

Petition Details

We ask her Majesty's Government to:

Make Fake Claiming a specific crime by updating the law on hate crimes.

Make the 1st of October National Day Against Harrasment of Disabled People.

Change National Symbol of Disability to incorporate a wheelchair alongside the letter A for Accessbility.

Additional Information

Despite the majority of Disabled people having disabilities that cannot be seen ("invisible disabilities") there is still a widespread public perception that only wheelchair users are disabled.

Because of this, Disabled people face harassment in public places by people who Fake Claim them.

Fake Claiming prevents access to services such as accessible parking spaces, accessible toilets, seats on public transport and other assistance, through the very real threat of abuse when accessing them.

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This petition was rejected

The Government e-Petitions Team gave the following reason:

Petitions must call for a specific action that the UK Government or House of Commons is responsible for.

A number of the requests you have made are about things the Government is not responsible for. The Government is not responsible for designating national days, which are normally organised by relevant interest groups. The Government is responsible for setting the rules on signage for some circumstances, such as traffic signs, but in other cases it is up to individual businesses and other authorities to decide what signage they use.

We could accept a petition calling on the Government to make fraudulently claiming to be disabled a specific criminal offence, if that is something you would like to happen. We could also accept a petition calling on the Government to conduct a review of challenges faced by people with hidden disabilities, with a view to identifying policies that could mitigate these.

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