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Ban the advertisement of plastic and non-recyclable toys to children

Submitted by Lauren Harper on Wednesday 1st September 2021

Published on Monday 6th September 2021

Current status: Open

Open until: Sunday 6th March 2022

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Ban the advertisement of plastic and non-recyclable toys to children

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Regulate which kinds of products can be advertised directly to children (e.g. during kids TV Ad Breaks) to ensure that items made from plastic and non-recyclable materials are not advertised to children.

Additional Information

Plastics are a major part of climate crisis. They can take thousands of years to break down, polluting our environment especially our oceans. When we are actively trying to move towards a greener & more sustainable society it makes no sense to continue heavily promoting plastic toys to our children. If these ads were banned there would be an incentive for this industry to use more sustainable alternatives to produce their products & packaging, the next generation should be encouraged away from plastic.

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