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Make Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning compulsory education in KS3 or KS4

Submitted by Max Tadman on Tuesday 7th September 2021

Published on Wednesday 15th September 2021

Current status: Open

Open until: Tuesday 15th March 2022

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Make Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning compulsory education in KS3 or KS4

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Require that secondary schools teach students about critical thinking and logical reasoning such as making rational analysis, and sound arguments. This would provide a basis for Psychology and Philosophy and awareness to avoid common cognitive biases and logical fallacies in daily life.

Additional Information

Rationality in judgement and argument construction are both two important skills in life. They allow us to hold beliefs that meet certain goals of thought, like truth and usefulness. To neglect these skills allows for cognitive biases and flawed arguments littered with logical fallacies to be agreed with. This can lead to issues in daily life include poor financial decisions, discrimination, general misinformation, and echo chambers.

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