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Give a referendum for the public to vote if National Insurance can be increased

Submitted by Justin Honey-Jones on Tuesday 7th September 2021

Published on Tuesday 14th September 2021

Current status: Open

Open until: Monday 14th March 2022

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Give a referendum for the public to vote if National Insurance can be increased

Petition Details

No increased taxation, without voter permission.

The Conservative manifesto said that “we will not raise the rate of [...] National Insurance”.

13,966,451 people voted and gave the party the democratic right to form a government.

Increasing national insurance by 1.25% breaks this guarantee.

Additional Information

The Government does not have the democratic mandate from the public to increase taxation without seeking their permission.

The Government must be trusted to enact the manifesto it was elected on.
Failing to do so can create mistrust in those who hold temporary office and must be held accountable for the decisions it makes.

We are a democracy and “whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”.

A referendum will ensure the principles of democracy are respected.

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