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Ban publication of names and photos of convicted criminals

Submitted by Millie Sengupta on Wednesday 15th September 2021

Published on Tuesday 21st September 2021

Current status: Closed

Closed: Monday 21st March 2022

Signatures: 9

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Actions ~ Assaulted ~ Chaos ~ Children ~ Criminal ~ Haven ~ People ~ property ~ risk ~ Schools

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Ban publication of names and photos of convicted criminals

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Publishing convicted criminals details can do more harm than good. Because by publishing there details they are left vulnerable to attack, their property gets vandilized and they get assaulted and harrased by people which I think should not happen.

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In fact their family gets threatened and their children gets attacked for their family member actions which they don't deserve because they haven't done anything to deserve it. If the convicted criminal is a risk only naughbours and schools should be told in conditions that if they the person or his family is not likely to be assaulted or harrased. But publishing it cases chaos and vandilizem not only that their children and their families gets harraed which they have noting to do with

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